Chinese European

College for Accreditation

Q. Will this grant me a real student card?


Yes and no. C.E.C.A. international is an institution that issues student cards for for anyone interested. However, C.E.C.A. international is not qualified as an official diploma education.


Q. Is it legal?


Depends. C.E.C.A. international provides a fake, just for fun novelty student card for all enrolled alumni. The alumni may use it at their own risk. Purchasing and possessing a C.E.C.A. International Student ID card is not illegal. However, using the cards to receive student discounts may be considered fraud and could be illegal.


Q. How do I prove that I’m enrolled?


If requested, the alumni can be listed as enrolled on the website of C.E.C.A. international under the section Alumni.


Q. Who is eligible?

Anyone over the age of 18.